Video: Ben Musholt - 2 Movements to Build Strength for MMA and Parkour

Ben Musholt

Contributor - Parkour & Bodyweight Exercise

Portland, Oregon, United States

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise, Parkour


EDITOR'S NOTE: Every Sunday we will be featuring a new bodyweight exercise video from physical therapist Ben Musholt, author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia. Ben has a diverse movement background, spanning board sports, martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics. Get watching and get moving!


In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates two inverted exercises to develop shoulder and back strength. These skills are great for mixed martial artists and parkour traceurs. The movements are:



  • Bridging push-up - Get into a bridge position. Perform a push up, lowering your head to the floor.
  • Backward wall walk - Stand facing away from the wall. Perform a back bend to place your hands on the wall. Walk your hands down the wall and back up again.


Be sure to keep you core engaged and glutes tight when performing these movements. And remember to breathe!

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