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Bob Takano

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Olympic Weightlifting


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Even if you just started lifting, you can probably tell that small tweaks in your technique make all the difference. This week we compare a failed snatch with a successful one. I am going to use Art Asatoorian's lifts at a recent meet at Waxman’s Gym in Lawndale as example.


We decided to go up 5kg for Art’s second meet after his easy opener with 57kg. In this second lift he makes the shift to power position but the pressure on his feet is not fully on the ball of the foot. This prevents him from fulling extending his ankles and hips and results in a slower, shorter pull. The result is a miss to the front.


This is definitely a makeable weight. What I am describing here is what I see as a coach in the competition. Newer coaches must develop the coaching eye to see these faults, and make corrections for the next lift.


On his third attempt, Art was able to make the correction so that the center of pressure was further forward on the balls of his feet. This allowed him to extend fully with ankles, knees and hips and position the weight overhead for his best technical lift of the series! He actually had the least amount of forward hop on this lift. A great way to come back after a miss - with a technically sound, well executed lift. 


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