Video: Bob Takano - Snatch Footwork Cues

Bob Takano

Contributor - Olympic Weightlifting

Woodland Hills, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting


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This was Michael’s second attempt at the Lawndale meet on June 23rd, 2012. He responded well to the cue “hips,” and did get his hips forward during the pull, but moved his feet just a touch too soon, resulting in a slightly wider than normal stance in the catch position. This early movement of the feet kept him from adding just the right trajectory to the part and resulted in a forward recovery. All in all a good lift at a weight 9kg above his previous best.


In this video of his third snatch with 78kg (another PR, by the way). you should be able to see that he does in fact stay up on the balls of his feet a little bit longer, and therefore he jumps forward a little bit less. Although the lift is not perfect, it is successful.


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