Video: Mobility for the Front Rack and Jerk Position

Drew Dillon

Guest Contributor - Olympic Weightlifting

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility & Recovery

The following is a guest post by Drew Dillon of Columbus Weightlifting:


Have you ever cleaned a weight only to fight yourself at the top trying to get comfortable to jerk the weight? You might think, "It is a lot of weight maybe it shouldn't be comfortable, but why do those on the world stage not do the same arm-twisting larynx destruction I do as I try to get my hands right?"


Often the issue starts with mobility. The harsh truth is if you can't get into a good position the odds are stacked against you for a good lift. We all know how terrible it is spending a ton of needed energy trying to get the bar in a comfortable rack position after a heavy clean. So here is to saving that energy for the jerk! Check out these quick mobility exercises you can use to get into better positions.



  • Often rack positions are impinged in the triceps and lats
  • Pectoral muscles can also play a roll
  • You'll find three quick exercises in this video
  • Added explanation of a good rack position
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