Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 1: Tuck Support and L-Sit

Dusty Hyland

Contributor - Gymnastics

Culver City, California, United States


Welcome to season three of Virtuosity, featuring gymnastics experts and coaches Dusty Hyland and Tina Angelotti. Virtuosity, in gymnastics, means going above and beyond - exceptional movement, performance, and position.


Season three is all about the bent arm press to handstand, and this week, Dusty starts with the fundamentals of the tuck support and L-sit positions. He will cover how to set up the parallettes, how to activate the relevant muscles, and how to hit the key tuck and L-sit positions. Finally, Dusty will give you a workout to help you practice these positions.


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Check back each week for more videos from Dusty. You can also find more gymnastics info and videos on CrossFit Gymnastics.

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