Working Through My Limitations (Athlete Journal 32)

Terry Hadlow

Athlete Journal - Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting


Saturday's workout was clean and jerks. I started with:


  • Speed clean and jerk: 50kg x 5 reps
  • Speed cleans 1 jerk: 2 sets
  • 4 speed cleans and a jerk: 75kg
  • 4 speed cleans and a jerk: 95kg
  • 4 speed cleans and a jerk: 105kg - My right elbow was too tender to finish the other three sets. witch to power clean from the floor with front squat and jerk. Drop down to
  • Power clean from the floor with front squat and jerk: 75 kg for 1
  • Power cleans with 3 front squats and a jerk: 75kg for 1



I repeated that sequence with 95kg, 110kg, and 120kg.


  • 1 clean, 1 front squat, and a jerk: 125 kg
  • Clean pulls: 150kg for 1 set of 3
  • 150kg for 1 set of 3 slow pulls.


Working Through My Limitations (Athlete Journal 32) - Fitness, olympic weightlifting, athlete journals



Monday was back squat day. I was thanking the Lord it was also a rest day! My legs were fried and 100kg for four sets of six was about all I could take.




Tuesday was upper body day, and everything felt much better. I decided I wasn't going to push it too hard. I did 165lbs for four sets of six in the inclines, doing the descending strip down from six reps to twelve reps and ending at 85lbs.



Nothing at all on Wednesday.



Thursday was snatch day. I did work with 40kg and 50kg for the speed and power snatch. My left wrist was very sore and I was hardly able to keep anything overhead. I switched to front squats, hoping to stretch out my wrist.


  • Front squat: 180lbs for a set of 6
  • 250lbs for a set of 6


I finished off at 180lbs, with ten reps of speed squats. Back to the snatch work. Again I worked through some speeds, power, and full squat snatches with 40kg and 50kg, but decided to pack it in for the day because my wrist was still way too sore.



On Friday one of the boys was having a birthday, so it was only 51 minutes today rather than the sixty minutes we were supposed to do. It went well, although I appreciated not having to do those extra nine minutes.


Terry Hadlow got started in Olympic weightlifting in 1970 and is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades - 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Follow Terry's journal here to learn about his approach to training and competing.

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