How Much and How Often? 7 Articles About Protein

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"Make sure you get enough protein." Seems simple enough, right? If you're an athlete you know it's not so straightforward. How much is enough? How much is too much? Do I really need supplements, and if so which ones? Here are 7 articles to help demystify protein.


How Much and How Often? 7 Articles About Protein - Healthy Eating, nutrition, proteins, protein

How Much Protein Do You Need? Science Weighs In (Tom Kelso)

Everybody has a theory on how much protein an athlete should eat - but what does SCIENCE have to say about it? Do the recommended amounts make sense for athletes?



Protein Shakes: Which is Better - Premixed or Powdered? (Sarah Bolandi)

Is it better to buy your own shake or buy a pre-made one? And what are you even looking for when picking out a drink or powder? Read on to get the low-down on protein!


Avoid Sleepiness With Protein: New Science Shows Sugar Blocks Orexin Cells (Becca Borawski)

Feeling sleepy? Eat some protein. Science reveals protein is the best way to wake your body up and trigger a calorie burn.


Put Down That Steak: You're Eating Too Much Protein (Jeff Barnett)

You've heard the recommendation - eat 1-1.5g of protein per pound of body weight to build muscle. All strength athletes know this. But now, new science says that's too much.


Protein Supplements Might Help Maintain Muscle (Doug Dupont)

Athletes often go through a strength or bulking phase, followed by a weight loss or cutting phase. The question is how to keep muscle while losing fat. Science looks at one strategy.


Want More Muscle? Science Says Eat More Protein (Jeff Barnett)

One week the news says you're eating too much protein. Another week it says you're not eating enough. Well, now science says you might not be eating enough to build muscle after all.


How to Time Your Protein Intake to Build Muscle (Jeff Barnett)

After last week when I wrote about how we're all eating too much protein, I kept digging further - this time it's about how to time your protein intake for best growth of lean muscle mass.

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