Holiday Guide

Don't know what to buy for the MMA fan in your life? This wish list from Sally Arsenault has got you covered.
Money can't buy mobility, but it can buy these gift ideas from corrective exercise specialist and FMS-certified trainer Jeff Kuhland.
Coach Nicole is our resident fit mom and her holiday wish list is a great reference for the other active mothers out there - or you guys looking to buy for your athletic wives!
Need help shopping for the MMA fighter in your life? Have no fear - we've got the list of all the must-have items to help you out with your martial arts holiday gift buying.
Coach Nick Horton is THE weightlifting guy in Portland, Oregon, plus he's darn funny to boot...and he actually wears cowboy boots. So what does this awesome coach have on HIS wish list?
Krista Scott-Dixon is a coach, nutrition expert, founder of a charity and non-profit food magazine, and one of the sassiest bloggers out there. You KNOW you want to know what's on HER holiday list.
Coach Taku is known for his highly-effective workouts and he always has the low-down on the newest fitness tools that really work. What could a guy like that want for the holidays? Find out!
Coach Chris LaLanne comes from a fitness family, runs one of the top CrossFit affiliates in the country, and is a successful entrepreneur. Wouldn't you like to know what HE put on his wish list?
Coach Val is a black belt AND a PhD - good luck out-fighting or outsmarting her! Val also has a keen wit, so check out her holiday list and find out what SHE thinks needs to be under the tree.
Traver Boehm can take you apart AND put you back together - as a former pro-MMA fighter and currently a CrossFit coach and practicing acupuncturist, Traver brings the whole to holistic.
Mindith is a Renaissance woman - mom, scholar, and athlete. Her fitness regimen includes everything from kettlebells, to Olympic weightlifting, to yoga. What's on HER wish list this holiday season?
What does Becca - CrossFit Coach, MMA Promoter, Writer, Rower, Lifter, Fencer, Kids Coach, Paleo Nut, etc - want for the holidays? Check out her top 10 list to get your own ideas & see what's cool!