Tempo training is an important component of training commonly overlooked by strength and conditioning professionals and athletes. More research is being conducted to determine the efficacy of this style of training, and it’s impact on power output.


New research in Journal of Strength and Conditioning, examined the effects of tempo, rest, and eccentric velocity on power output.  
Researchers tested 24 subjects in 6 trials using the bench press movement. Subjects were tested using 80% of a 1 RM to failure on the bench press, in the 6 trials.  Researchers recorded the trials on video and measured tempo using a metronome. 
Results indicated that the velocity concentric contraction, was maximal during all 6 tempo trials. Researchers reported that tempos with a fast eccentric phase and no bottom rest, produced significantly greater power output and repetitions than tempos involving slow eccentric velocity or more bottom rest. These results suggest that athletes could experiment with tempo training protocols using a fast eccentric speed tempo with no bottom rest to maximize power output.