Eric Stevens's Holiday Wish List

Eric C. Stevens

Contributor - Martial Arts, Sports Psychology

Denver, Colorado, United States

Martial Arts, Sport Psychology, Boxing


EDITOR'S NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Coach Eric supplied a well-rounded list that shoots for the stars!


Eric's Martial Arts Holiday Wish List

Disclaimer: This is my ultimate wish list! Despite the high price tag of most of my items, I really am fine with a box of Clif bars and some new running socks. Oh, and Mom’s home made cinnamon rolls. Since it’s a ‘wish list’ and anything goes.



stumptown coffee, stumptown, portland coffee, african coffee1. Stumptown Coffee (Kenya Gaturiri) Delivered For a Year - Approx. $1080.00

What do I miss the most about Portland? Not the rain. The coffee! Stumptown is great coffee and their African coffees are second to none. Ethiopian and Kenyan beans are my favorite.


2. Boxing Lessons with Freddie Roach - ???

Freddie is perhaps the best trainer out there and despite suffering from Parkinson’s, he still moves pretty well with the mitts.


3. Audi allroad Wagon - $39,600.00

Maybe I am just becoming middle aged, but I want a station wagon. This is the perfect all terrain sports vehicle for cycling, getting up to the mountains, etc. To be fair, not just any wagon will do, but and Audi allroad wagon.


4. Prana Santo Pant prana pants, yoga pants, mens yoga pants, prana santo pant, santo pants- $90.00

Prana's clothes are a little on the pricier side, but they are made well, fit well, and are comfortable.


5. University of Iowa Writers' Workshop - $560.00

One-week intensive workshop. Price does not include room, board, and travel. As it is with honing any craft, practice and learning are essential. The Iowa Writers' Workshop is one of the foremost and renowned workshops in the country.




6. Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Red Bike - $8,000.00

specialized s works, specialized road bike, road bikeSpecialized knows how to make bikes! I just love the feel of their smooth ride.


7. Powell's Gift Certificate - $100.00

New Book Shopping! I keep my body sharp with exercise and my mind sharp with lots of reading. I love to shop when I am home at the best bookstore in the country - Powell’s.


mizuno, mizuno shoes, mizuno running shoes8. Mizuno Men's Wave Enigma Running Shoes - $134.99

My favorite shoes to run in.


9. Tag Heuer Grand Carerra Watch - Approx $4,129.00

The ultimate sports watch! I come from a family of watch people. My dad is a watch guy and so is my brother. As a trainer and coach, I want something that is sporty yet stylish.


10. Brady Center - Donations of Any Amount

Someone I shared part of my life was senselessly and tragically killed in a random mass shooting earlier this year in Seattle.


Keep an eye out for our other holiday wish lists


Keep an eye out for our other holiday wish lists

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