Google Is Keeping Count - Of Your Walking and Biking

Mauricio Balvanera

Contributor - Tech Reviews

Los Angeles, California, United States


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Google is keeping count. Oh Google you sly, slightly creepy dog.



Google Now is slowly becoming the core information hub for many Android phone users. It consists of a series of "cards" that give the user passive and active information pertinent to time and geo location. For example, at it's most basic level, it'll show you the day's local weather forcast. At it's most complex level, automatic traffic and navigation reports around your typical commute time, or UPS tracking info around delivery dates.


Google announced a few enhancements to the system last week, but they let us core users discover a neat new monthly review card on our own. Pedometer reports telling you how many miles you walked or biked. This new card is such a surprise easter egg, the "Learn More" link doesn't even have info on it. Nor do the settings.


I took a look at some smart pedometers a while ago, but if Google, Apple, and Microsoft (Windows Phone 8) can consolidate all our "smart" function into a single device, forget about the silly status bracelets.


It stands to reason that you should keep your accelerometer and GPS equipped phone on you at all times for this feature to work properly. Not doing so will just anger Skynet that much more.

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