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Coffee is the new bacon. Coffee is showing up everywhere. In our protein drinks, mixed with butter, on our brisket, and now - in our energy bars.



I’ll admit to being a coffee junkie. And I’ll admit to getting pretty excited about any product that gives me an excuse to consume more coffee in surreptitious forms. So I was pretty excited when New Grounds Food messaged me and asked if we’d review their new Mocha Latte CoffeeBar.


Oh, did I forget to mention it’s full of chocolate, too?


About CoffeeBar

There may be some snack/protein/energy bars already out there that contain caffeine, but they are mostly likely bars that are full of all sorts of undesirables, as well. The CoffeeBar is the first bar I’ve seen that packed a coffee punch while maintaining high quality, organic ingredients.


  • Contains the equivalent of a cup of coffee
  • 100% organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher
  • Made in the U.S.


My Experience

While the CoffeeBar itself is a little shapeless, it’s not like those nasty protein bars you remember from years ago. It’s just because of the dates and the lack of nasty things to make the bar stick form into a highly defined shape.


"The almonds and chia add a nice crunch, and the flavors are balanced. The coffee flavor is present, but so is the chocolate."

When you eat the bar, the texture is not a problem at all. It’s neither too dry nor too mushy. The almonds and chia add a nice crunch, and the flavors are balanced. The coffee flavor is present, but so is the chocolate.


Of course, it’s not a sugary milk chocolate taste. It’s more of a dark chocolate taste, so keep that in mind. Even with the dates and brown rice syrup, the CoffeeBar is not too sweet. If you’re a coffee and chocolate fan, you know what I’m talking about when it comes to a preference for bitter versus sweet, and you’ll appreciate the level of sweetness in these bars.


At present, only the one flavor is available, but it appears they are working to get additional flavors into production.



The Company Website

The CoffeeBar is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. If you poke around the company website, you’ll see Kickstarter references and even their original campaign page. While the New Grounds Food website isn’t very robust - pretty much anything you click on takes you to the store to buy the Mocha Latte CoffeeBar - there are a lot some fun and interesting posts on their blog, especially if you’re a coffee nerd or enthusiast of any sort.


Subscription Options

You can buy CoffeeBars by the individual box, or if you think you’ll get as addicted to them as you are your morning coffee, then you can sign up for a subscription. Subscriptions are available for three, six, nine, or twelve months. This simply means you receive one box per month for that length of time.


"My husband and I ate one bar a day and plowed through our box pretty quickly. (But maybe that’s a different discussion.)"

The subscription idea doesn’t quite jive for me since there’s only a dozen bars in each box. That doesn’t seem like a month’s worth. My husband and I ate one bar a day and plowed through our box pretty quickly. (But maybe that’s a different discussion.) On the plus side, the subscriptions do allow you to save anywhere from between five to twenty percent off the single-box price.



My Recommendation

According to a blog on the New Grounds Food website, eating coffee (as opposed to drinking it) provides you with more antioxidants and helps you absorb the caffeine faster. I say that to provide you with some final excuses to eat your coffee and drink it, too.


CoffeeBars aren’t the most affordable option on the market if you’re looking for a quick snack. But they are enjoyable and they will give you an extra little punch to get through your day (or your night). Give them a try, and then if you like them, consider the subscription option to save yourself money.


Mocha Latte CoffeeBars are available for $36.00 twelve-count box at


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