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cocomo joe, coconut bar, coconut snacks, paleo, paleo snacks, joe bar



cocomo joe, coconut bar, coconut snacks, paleo, paleo snacks, joe bar


As long as I am exposed to incredible products and brands like Cocomo Joe, I’ll continue to have the world’s best job. As a consumer, I’ve seen Joe Bars around more and more of the places I frequent, such as health food stores, gyms, and community events. This was the first time, however, that I took the plunge and tried what Joe Bars had to offer.



With a strong foundation of coconut-based ingredients, Joebar almost couldn’t go wrong in my eyes. I happen to lean heavily on coconut products in my nutrition practices - coconut oil, coconut butter, raw coconut, and so on. I believe strongly in what coconuts have to offer with regards to quality dietary fat, taste, and what I’ll call “snackability.”


cocomo joe, coconut bar, coconut snacks, paleo, paleo snacks, joe barJoebars build off this coconut base with a multitude of different flavors from all natural ingredients. The Joebar spectrum of flavors includes: cocoa, coffee, cranberry, fig, green (spirulina), and mango. My personal favorite was the fig bar. Maybe my special interest in the fig bar especially was due, in part, to the fact I didn’t know they made it, and I haven’t seen anyone produce a flavor like it.


It seems as though the health food bar market is largely based around fruits and nuts, with the common glue that keeps it all together being dates or something artificial. Even my beloved Larabar fits that exact model. Joebar breaks away from that mold with this shredded coconut base. Of course, there’s probably good reason most companies choose a similar formula in that it works. Joebar, however, has capitalized on being different without the consequences of being brittle or dry. These coconut-based products are surprisingly soft, chewy, and tasty.


cocomo joe, coconut bar, coconut snacks, paleo, paleo snacks, joe barAs far as ingredients go, Joebars are simple and largely organic. Consumers can rest assured they don’t need to have a master’s in biology to read the label. The mango Joebar’s ingredient list, for example,includes: organic coconut, organic walnuts, organic raw coconut nectar, organic raw mango, organic chia seeds, organic raw maca root powder, organic raw virgin coconut oil, and organic cold pressed vanilla extract.


I loved Joebars and swiftly ate through my stash. I think this is a real winner from product quality to market positioning. Even the branding is crisp and fun. Hats off to the folks at Cocomo Joe.


Joebars are available at for $36.00 per box (12 count).

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