Product Review: Kamagon Ball

Traver H. Boehm


Santa Barbara, California, United States

Health, Men's Fitness



kamagon ball, core, stability ball

The Kamagon Ball is an interesting apparatus. Imagine an inflatable stability ball with handles on each side and what appears to be a rubber turkey thermometer sticking out of the top. “Kamagon” is a Philipino word meaning “ironwood.” Ironwood is known for its strength and flexibility, the same attributes the Kamagon Ball purports to develop in its user.



Product Review: Kamagon Ball - Reviews, strength training, kamagon, flexibility, reviewsThe Kamagon Ball was created as a tool for people to increase core stability while reaching their other fitness goals. Kamagon Fitness has trademarked what they call "Hydro-Inertia" - the instability created in the Kamagon Ball by the water inside, which causes previously untapped muscles to engage. They have also developed a Group-X program for the Kamagon Ball.


The Kamagon Ball makes no false claims and if used correctly would be an effective exercise tool, but no more so than would a heavy rock or a gallon of milk. The fitness world is full of one-stop-shop devices that claim they are going to revolutionize the industry and the health of the American consumer – and do not. 


If used consistently and properly, the Kamagon Ball will deliver what it promises and stay out of that category, but will you use it consistently or will it be the next fitness gadget you bought on a whim and never used again?



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