Product Review: Pure Pharma M3 (Three Minerals)

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pure pharma, pure pharma fish oil, m3, three minerals, magnesium, zinc, malic

pure pharma, pure pharma fish oil, m3, three minerals, magnesium, zinc, malic


PurePharma’s Three Minerals (M3) product is a dietary supplement with a double dose of magnesium and a dose of zinc. Originally known for their fish oil capsules (O3), some time ago PurePharma added vitamin D (D3) to their product line. M3 is the third and final piece of the PurePharma puzzle.



I hope I am not projecting when I say I think there’s a stronger understanding for the application of omega-3, and even vitamin D, than that of magnesium across the athletic world. Before experimenting with PurePharma’s M3, my knowledge surrounding magnesium was largely that its need was often confused with that of calcium.


Given that many of us are deficient in magnesium, what are the consequences for lacking in this area? People lacking in magnesium will suffer in the following areas: insulin sensitivity, adrenal fatigue, and potentially high blood pressure. Magnesium plays a huge role in energy levels, blood clotting, nerve transmission, and muscle function. Magnesium supplementation has even been linked to increased testosterone levels.


Okay, maybe you’re sold and you think magnesium is critical for your livelihood, but your next question is, “Why PurePharma?” PurePharma has done a great job with keeping the quality of their products high with a simplicity that invokes respect. When I see companies producing twenty-five SKUs of supplements, I begin to wonder things like, “Are they really that good at that many different things?” and “Why would anyone actually need all those things?” PurePharma keeps it to the basics and I appreciate that.


In addition, they’ve chosen to use zinc and a proprietary blend of malic acid and vitamin B6 to improve absorption. The product is also differentiated for athletes. To athletes, energy is gold. If they’ve got it they can perform and if they don’t they are in trouble. With a product like M3 designed to optimize carbohydrate conversion to energy, athletes can reap the benefits of their training more significantly.


In my time taking M3 regularly I never noticed a noticeable change in feel or performance, but like most safe, natural dietary supplements that’s not the expectation anyway. Not to mention, PurePharma doesn’t make such wild claims in the first place. Their research-based products have a mature message that would never claim wild assertions. As an athlete, that’s reassuring and indicative of a responsible brand.


A daily dose of three capsules delivers 300mg of magnesium and 15mg of zinc. There are a number of common supplement brands that don’t quite have the same label claim as PurePharma M3 for much less, but PurePharma has established themselves as a quality brand. As we all know, athletes will pay a premium for performance.

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