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Chris Duffin

Contributor - Champion Powerlifter

Portland, Oregon, United States



I've been wearing my old favorite double lace up Chucks for quite some time, but the new CrossFit Lite TR from Reebok puts it to shame. Here are a few things that make these new shoes so great:


Video: Review of the Reebok CrossFit Lite TR - Reviews, reviews, lifting shoes, weightlifting shoes

  • Grip: The soles of these shoes are made out of high-quality rubber and grip the floor like no other.
  • Wide Toe Box: I have a wide foot, and one of the first problems I usually have with shoes is a lack of room in the toe box. Not the case with these.
  • Arch Support: The shoes provide excellent support and there's no need for insoles.
  • Easy-to-Remove Sole: I like to remove the soles of my shoes during pulls, and these are easy to take out and replace.


I'm hard to please when it comes to my gear, but these shoes are going to be pretty hard to beat.


The CrossFit Lite TR is available for $89.99 at


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