EDITOR'S NOTE: Mike Marcinek is the strength and conditioning coach at Scranton MMA and is the owner of NEPA Fit Club/Driven Athletics. In addition to his bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics and his master's degree in kinesiology, Mike holds numerous certifications including nutrition, movement analysis, kettlebells, and weightlifting.


This twelve-week cycle of MMA/BJJ workouts is a well-rounded strength and conditioning plan for the MMA and BJJ athlete that still allows plenty of time and energy for mat time and skills work.



For cycle 7, follow an A-B-A format:

Week 1: A-B-A

Week 2: B-A-B

Week 3: A-B-A



Precede each session with movement prep, which remains the same throughout the twelve-week cycle.


If you have questions or comments, please post them in our forum for Mike to answer.


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Week 12

Day 1

A1. Depth drop to 20 yard sprint- 3x3
B1. Double KB clean and jerk – 2-4-6 x 5
C1. 1 arm KB snatch 9+9 each on top of each minute – same weight as week 1 KB swing weight


Day 2

A1. Barbell front squat- either increase weight to top set of 5 or test 1rm
A2. Double KB clean and press –try for 5 clean sets of 5 or test 1rm
B1. Weighted chin- 10-12reps
B2. Suspension push ups-12-15reps
B3. SLDL-8 reps
Perform circuit 2-3x


C1. KB rack carries as far as you can go, transition into farmer’s carries, then into 1 arm farmer’s carry without putting bell down until 1 arm carry (put weak side down first)(5sets)


Day 3

A1 . Double KB clean and jerk –Take old bell size and test RM. Strive for 10% of bw- (For example: 170lbs = 17 reps)
C1. 1 arm KB snatch 10+10 each on top of each minute – same weight as week 1 KB swing weight