These workouts are designed by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith is an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Therapist, certified CrossFit coach, and long time fitness enthusiast with extensive experience in Russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercise.


The sixth cycle of bodyweight workouts will focus on developing core stability and functional strength using the addition of suspension training (TRX), parallettes and a 20/24 inch box.



Week 6, Day 1


4 Rounds:

10 x Squat Jumps
10 x Sit Through *Paralettes
10 x Hindu Push Ups
10 x Superman
10 x Deck Squats
10 x Spiderman Push Ups
10 x Inchworm
10 x 1 Leg Deadlift  *(on each leg)

10 x Burpee
Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds


Down Dog to Updog Stretch x 10


Splits on the Wall x 5 on Each Side



Bridge Holds with Progression or Variations x 5