This cycle of the gymnastics workout program focuses on more traditional style strength training. Training sessions will typically be circuits of skills built in previous cycles.


You will also build some foundational movements in gymnastics such as roll variations and handstand variations. Scale them appropriately to your skill level and work on these skills for 10-20 minutes when they come up. 


For more videos of the movements in these workouts, visit the Breaking Muscle Youtube channel and the CrossFit EST Youtube channel.


Post your workout results, comments, and questions to the Breaking Muscle forum.


Week 1

Day 1

5 sets for quality:

  • Chin up pull over x3
  • Hollow body ring push up x10
  • High box jump x10


Day 2

3 sets of:

  • Bridge up and hold for 3 seconds x5
  • 30seconds left split
  • 30s right split
  • 30s pancake


Day 3

Roll variations, 10-20 minutes:

  • Forward roll
  • Back roll
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Back extension roll


Day 4 

3 sets of:

  • Skin the cat x3
  • 30s each leg - hip/quad stretch
  • 30s pike stretch



Day 5

Lever variations, 10-20 minutes:

  • Front lever
  • Back lever
  • Planche work



5 sets for quality:

  • Strict muscle ups x2-5
  • Right leg raises x5
  • Left leg raises x5


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