The third cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is another 12-week program with a variety of training options and modes. This cycle integrates challenge workouts to keep you competing with yourself. It should be fun!


During weeks 1 to 6 you will train on three non-consecutive days according to the following format:




Continuous training, interval training, and bodyweight challenge workout options are listed. Additionally, use the accompanying lower- and upper-body workout recording forms to track your progress.


Week 6, Day 2


A. Upper Body Strength Training

Incline Press x 10 - 14

Low Row x 10 - 14

Push Up - Max Reps

Wide Grip Pulldown x 8 - 12

Overhead Press x 6 - 10

Upright Row x 8 - 12

Dips x Max Reps

Close Grip Pulldown x 4 - 8

Chest Press x 4 - 8

Face Pulls x 8 - 12

Triceps x 8 - 12

Biceps x 8 - 12


B. Interval Training

Similar to cycle one, cycle three intervals training can be performed on an indoor or outdoor running track, of via agility drills, shuttle runs, a rower, stair-climber, or elliptical device, to name a few.


Like other intervals, the goal is to go all-out (100% effort), ease it back to a moderate effort (easy, then repeat the sequence for the prescribed number of exercise bouts.


Interval Training #6

Warm up = 3:00

Hard effort = 1:00

Easy effort = :30

Bouts = 15

Cool down

Total time = 25:00