Mature Athlete: Cycle 3, Week 8, Day 4

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The third cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is another 12-week program with a variety of training options and modes. This cycle integrates challenge workouts to keep you competing with yourself. It should be fun!


Weeks 7 to 12 incorporate run challenges, resistance training challenges, and machine Fartlek workouts. For the total-body strength training workout, use the accompanying strength training forms to track your progress. During weeks 7 to 12 you will train on four days per week according to the following format:



Mature Athlete: Cycle 3, Week 8, Day 4 - Workouts, mature athlete, Elite Programming, Elite Workout Programs


Week 8, Day 4: Machine Fartlek Training #2



Machine Fartlek training is performed on any exercise machine (i.e., treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, etc.) and is composed of varied levels of efforts as follows:


  • Easy effort (EE): Very slow, but moving
  • Moderate effort (ME): 50% effort
  • Hard effort (HE): As hard as you can push it


The goal is to move from one level of effort to the next and repeat for the designated time or repetitions prescribed.


For example, a workout may read moderate effort (ME) for 20 seconds (:20) to hard effort (HE) for 15 seconds (:15) to easy effort (EE) for 25 seconds (:25), then repeat.


25:00/25 repetitions of ME @ :20 – HE @ :15 – EE @ :25.

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