These workouts are designed by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith is an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Therapist, certified CrossFit coach, and long time fitness enthusiast with extensive experience in Russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercise.


"Yoga is 99% Practice & 1% theory.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


Week 7, Day 1


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No more words. Hear only the voice within. - Rumi


Moon day practice 1

30 minutes


Seated Meditation: 5 Minutes

Yogi Squat: 1 Minute

Standing Forward Bend Grabbing Elbows: 2 Minutes

Yogi Squat: 1 Minute

Seated Spinal Gentle Twist Right Side and L: 10 Breaths Each Side

Cow Face Pose  Right  and Left: 2 Minutes Each Side

Standing Forward Bend With Arms Interlaced: 2 Minutes

Double Pigeon Right into Pigeon Right: 2 Minutes Each Side

Child's Pose 1 Minute

Double Pigeon Left in to Full Pigeon Left: 2 Minutes Each Side

Child's Pose: 1 Minute

Seated Meditation (on feet or in easy seat ): 20-25 Super Slow Counted Breaths 

Legs Up Wall Inversion: 10 Minutes