Cycle eleven of the bodyweight workout series focuses on developing balance and strength with the use of one-limbed movements. This combination of bodyweight exercises will challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility. These workouts are programmed three days per week.

Equipment needed:  Yoga mat, wall space, 2x4 wooden plank or beam, swiss ball and pull up bar.


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Mobility Before Each Workout:

  • Hip Circles 5 in each direction
  • Hip Rotation on All Fours *3-5 on each side
  • Toes Stretch Hold 30 Seconds x2
  • From Standing to Squat and Hold for 30 Seconds x4
  • Therapy Sumo Squat at Wall x4 with a 5 Second Hold at the Bottom
  • Toe Squat 30 Seconds x2
  • Scorpion x5 on each side
  • Supine Shoulder Opening x 30 Seconds on Each Side
  • Up Dog to Down Dog x 5-10


Week 13

Day 1

5x5 One Legged Squat
5x5 Inchworm Push Ups
5x10 Lunges *on each leg


3x20 Seconds RKC Plank
3x5 Balance Beam Squats
3x15 Knees to Elbows


Day 2

5x10 Prisoner Sit Ups
5x10 Squat to Lunge *alternating legs
5x 30 Seconds Side Plank to Push Up


4x30 Seconds Low Cossack Switch
4x30 Seconds Bridge Hold
4x5 V Up


Day 3

3x25 Side to Side Air Squats
3x30 Seconds Banana Roll (Hollow Rock to Superman Hold and Back)
3x20 Walking Split Squat on Beam *alternating sides


3x30 Seconds Spiderman Push Up
3x30 Seconds Reverse Plank
3x1 Wall Walk to Bridge and Up