Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 1, Week 12, Day 2

Chris Lofland

Gymnastics Workout

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States



These workouts are designed to help build a strong gymnastics foundation for athletes of all levels and ages. It doesn't matter what your fitness background is or if you're an absolute beginner. These gymnastics workouts will help you to move better and be faster and stronger.


This first cycle will concentrate on developing basic gymnastics strength, with an emphasis on handstands, handstand push ups, and muscle ups. It will also include a small introduction into planche work. The cycle will start out relatively basic in order to develop a foundation of body control, which will support the more complex movements that come later. It will also start developing awareness while both being upside down and on your hands.



Ideally, you should do your gymnastics workout in the morning and any strength and conditioning work in the evening, or vice versa. If that's not possible, allow at least ten minutes between the two. The stretching and mobility components on days 2 and 4 can be done post-workout as a cool down.


All of these workouts should be approached with the mindset of quality, not just speed. Slow down to do and learn the movement correctly, and only speed up after mastering the movement. That being said, the time frames for each workout will vary for each individual.


Week 12, Day 2


Spend 5:00 on each skill
Frog Stand & Planche
Handstand Push Up


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