Mature Athlete: Cycle 3, Week 1, Day 1

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The third cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is another 12-week program with a variety of training options and modes. This cycle integrates challenge workouts to keep you competing with yourself. It should be fun!


During weeks 1 to 6 you will train on three non-consecutive days according to the following format:



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Continuous training, interval training, and bodyweight challenge workout options are listed. Additionally, use the accompanying lower- and upper-body workout recording forms to track your progress.


Week 1, Day 1



A. Continuous Training

The continuous workouts involve steady-state movement with no recovery breaks. They can be performed by road or trail-running, on an indoor or outdoor track, outdoor cycling, or on an exercise device (treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, or rower).


Unlike most continuous runs performed at a relatively low level, these should be performed at a higher intensity. The goal should be to work as hard as you can the entire work period. The heart rate should be maintained at 70% of maximum or above, just below the lactate threshold (the point where you can train the hardest but without debilitating fatigue). Again, as in cycle two, no continuous workouts exceed 36 minutes, so work as hard as you can within the designated time.


All workouts include a 3:00 warm up, the designated work time, and a 3:00 cool down.


Continuous Training #1

3:00 Warm Up

20:00 Work

3:00 Cool Down


B. Lower Body Strength Training

Note: You can record your progress with these strength training forms.


Bodyweight Squat x 30

Lunge x 8 - 12 per leg

Leg Press x 12 - 16

Squat x 10 - 14

Glute-Ham Raise or Back Extension x 8 - 12

Step Up x 10 - 15 per leg

Leg Curl x 10 - 14

Calf exercise of your choice x 16 - 20

Abdominal exercise of your choice, as many reps as desired

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