Mature Athlete: Cycle 3, Week 2, Day 3

Tom Kelso

Contributor - Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

The third cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is another 12-week program with a variety of training options and modes. This cycle integrates challenge workouts to keep you competing with yourself. It should be fun!


During weeks 1 to 6 you will train on three non-consecutive days according to the following format:



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Continuous training, interval training, and bodyweight challenge workout options are listed. Additionally, use the accompanying lower- and upper-body workout recording forms to track your progress.


Week 2, Day 3


A. Bodyweight Challenge of Your Choice and Flexibility


Choose one of these options and attempt to improve upon it from week to week.



30:00 chin ups, dips + 10 lunges. In 30 minutes, perform rounds of maximum-rep chin ups, maximum rep dips and 10 lunges each leg for as many rounds possible.



30:00 push ups, ground pull up + 50 mountain climbers. In 30 minutes, perform rounds of maximum-rep push ups, ground pull ups, and 50 mountain climbers for as many rounds possible.



10 rounds of 20 squats, 10 push ups, 10 ground pull ups, and 10 sit ups in the least amount of time.


Following each workout, perform 10 minutes of total body static stretching.



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