Sport Specific: Football - Week 11, Day 3

Terrance Gant

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This is a 12 week linear progression program for football players. The goal of this program is to allow football players to safely progress in their strength training without sacrificing their power. The program is split into 2 days: explosive and strength. Both days are performed twice in a given week, at different intensities.


The workouts will be posted on the following schedule, but feel free to adjust it to fit your own week. Remember to work in rest/recovery days, as well:

  • Monday: Heavy explosive day
  • Wednesday: Light strength day
  • Friday: Light explosive day
  • Saturday: Heavy strength day



Core movements should not be substituted at any cost. The assistant exercises are broken into pulling and pushing movements and can be substituted if needed. Every 4 weeks you need to perform a 1RM (rep max) on all core lifts to ensure the lifting percentages are correct.


Workout: Week 11, Day 3

Light Explosive Day - 85% Load


Warm Up

1 x 5 Hang Shrugs


Core Movements

Power Clean sets - 4, 3, 2

Power Press sets - 4, 3, 2

Power Jumps w/Dumbbells sets - 4, 3, 2


Assistance Exercises

3 x 5 Bent Over Row

3 x 5 Dumbbell Curls

3 x 10 V-Ups

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