Strength and Conditioning: Wil Fleming, Week 4, Day 4

Wil Fleming

Featured Coach - Olympic Weightlifting

Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Olympic Weightlifting

EDITOR'S NOTE: These workouts are written by Wil Fleming, co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance. Wil finished 8th in the 2013 National Weightlifting Championships and coaches dozens of weighlifters at his facility in Bloomington, Indiana. To learn more about this program, read Wil's article here.


The stronger-than-ever-program is a four week, four day-per-week program. Workouts will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week. The program utilizes squatting, Olympic lifting, and bodybuilding movements during each session to get you, literally, stronger than ever. So let's do it!



Week 4, Day 4


  • Back squat up to 5 rep max
  • Snatch pull from knee* 3X5 at 90%
  • Snatch 3 reps at 60%, 3 reps at 70%, 3 reps at 80%, 3 reps at 85%, 2+1 at 90%
  • Clean pull 3X5 at 90%
  • Clean and jerk 3 reps at 60%, 3+1 reps at 70%, 3+1 at 80%, 3+1 at 85%, 2+1 at 90%

A. Push ups 3xAMAP
B. Chin ups 3xAMAP
C. 3-way shoulder raise 3x5 per arm


*Lower Slowly between reps



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