Strength & Conditioning - Andrea DuCane: Week 1, Day 3

Andrea DuCane

Featured Coach

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States


Our first week of workouts from kettlebell master Andrea DuCane!


To learn more about Andrea, read our feature interview:

Part 1 - The Ageless Body

Part 2 - Always a Student



These workouts are designed for the intermediate athlete; I am assuming the user has Kettlebell experience. All the exercises can and SHOULD be modified for the level of the athlete. You will notice I have added modifications for some of the exercises. Please feel free to move to a modification at any time. The goal is for you to work out at your individual level at all times.


When working out with kettlebells, please respect this tool and your own abilities. Safety and good form always comes first. Feel free to drop down in sets or reps or change to a lighter weight.


There are some instances I use a timer for interval training. I use a GymBoss, but any kind of timer will work.


Begin each workout with the Mobility Warm up and end each workout with the Cool Down Stretches.


The goal of the Mobility Warm Up is to mobilize all the joints of the body and get the blood moving. The Cool Down Stretches help to ease muscle soreness, and help to lower the heart rate and calm the nervous system. It is extremely important not to ignore these two steps; this is the basis for my Ageless Body system of resilience and function in training. Perform ALL mobility slow and smooth with full range of motion.




Mobility Warm Up:

  1. 3 Way Head: Rotations, Flexion/Extension, Lateral Flexion.
  2. Halo: circle a Kettlebell around the head.
  3. Egyptian: arms out to side alternate shoulders rolling forward and back.
  4. Elbow Circles.
  5. Wrist Rotations.
  6. Finger flexion and extension.
  7. Trunk rotations.
  8. Torso Rolling: flexion into extension.
  9. Pelvis A/P, lateral and full circle.
  10. Knee circles.
  11. Ankle circles.
  12. Foot plantar/dorsal flexion.



Week One - Day Three

Getup/Swings: 1 get up right arm, :30 of right hand swings, switch arms,

repeat for 4 rounds.


Goblet Squats:  4 sets of 5


Cleans: 4 sets of 5 reps each arm.


Russian Twist: 2 sets of :30.


Cool Down Stretches:

Cool Down Stretches should be done with deep, slow breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth with a “sigh”. As with all movement, only do what feels comfortable and do not move into pain.


  1. Hip Flexor Stretch: Do NOT lean forward!
  2. Figure 4 Stretches or half pigeon.
  3. Runners Stretch.
  4. Hamstring stretch : from standing or floor.
  5. Quad Stretch, from standing or floor.
  6. Straddle Stretch, forward and to each side.
  7. T-Spine Rotation and hip stretch.
  8. Chest Stretch, arms behind body or hold onto doorway.
  9. Down Dog and Up Dog


For more from Andrea, visit her website at

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