Strength & Conditioning - Roger Harrell: Week 3, Day 4

Roger Harrell

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Corte Madera , California, United States

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We are now in our third and final week of workouts from gymnastics coach Roger Harrell. Roger is the Co-Founder of The Cave/CrossFit Marin and a former competitive gymnast. Roger is an expert at teaching non-gymnasts, so if you're thinking of making progress on your gymnastics skills these are perfect workouts for you.


To learn more about Roger, read our feature interview:

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Warm up activities are to be performed at a level that is appropriate for you. No warm up movements should be strenuous. Be sure to scale appropriately. 5-15 minutes of stretching following each session is expected.

For a guide to stretching visit Drill and Skills: Stretching.


Week 3 – Day 4


Warm up:

20 Handstand shoulder touches (free standing best, but wall assist acceptable)


10 Candlestick rocks

10 V-ups

10 Shoulder roll throughs (dislocates with PVC or broomstick)

10 Hanging twists

Skill work:

Kipping practice

Kipping PU

Butterfly kip

Glide kip



5X3 Press handstand/headstand (perform 3 repetitions of the most difficult press you can manage for 3 reps)

5X10 L-pull up

5X10 High box jump

No time constraint. Execution quality and movement difficult supersede pace.

Allow 40 minutes.



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