Strength & Conditioning - Sean Waxman: Week 3, Day 4

Sean Waxman

Featured Coach

Lawndale, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning

We are in our second week of programming from featured coach Sean Waxman. Sean coaches Olympic weightlifting out of Waxman's Gym in Southern California. Join in on this weightlifting training -- four new workouts are posted each week, starting on Monday, and can be done on any day you have available.


To learn more about Sean, read our two part feature interview:

Part 1: "Building a Legacy"

Part 2: "On Being a Coach"




Front Squat

1 rep at 60%

1 rep at 70%

1 rep at 80%

1 rep at 85%

1 rep at 90%

1 rep at 92.5%

1 rep at 95%



Front Squat

1 min rest between sets

80% of your 1 Rep Max

5 sets of 5



Romanian Deadlift

80% of your 1 Rep Max

5 sets of 5



Scapula + Pulldown, with band - 3 sets of 10


Post weights and questions to comments below.



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