Strength & Conditioning: Vic Verdier, Week 4, Day 3

Vic Verdier

Featured Coach - MovNat


Week 4, Day 3


Running and Balancing

10X20 yard sprints from a face-up lying position



Lifting and Carrying

5X3 snatch


Walking and Crawling

10X bear walk sprint


Throwing and Catching

20X swing throws from a standing position




30X broad jumps

30X box jumps



5X weighted chin ups

10 weighted dips


EDITOR’S NOTE: "The Big Bang" workouts are written by Vic Verdier, aka “Man In Black,” who has been a training instructor for over 25 years. He began his coaching career as an officer training French Commandos. Vic holds more than twenty certifications, including MovNat Master Instructor.


I strongly believe that the two most important qualities you can have when it comes to physical attributes are mobility and explosiveness. This four-week program includes movements and drills to improve both areas. It focuses on ten of the thirteen MovNat fundamentals: walking, balancing, running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing and catching, lifting, and carrying.


This program is purely empirical, based on real life experience and common sense. Give it a try and see how explosive you are and you become. The training sessions post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


To learn more about Vic Verdier and his programming, read his article here.

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