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Regulating your menstrual cycle is the first step to regaining fertility and achieving pregnancy. I've designed the newest cycle of Mommy workouts to help you exercise with your cycle, not in spite of it.


What does that mean? It means observing your body and respecting its needs while also doing the things you love. You can have both.


The Fertility Workouts

The goal of this 28-day phase of the Fertility Cycle is to become accustomed to modifying your exercise routine based on where you are in your cycle. Regulating your cycle is the first step to regaining fertility and achieving pregnancy. Starting with the first day of menstruation, I will take you through a day-by-day approach to exercise, with a daily schedule provided for your entire 28-day cycle.


This cycle of workouts is intended for women who do intense exercise for five or more hours per week. It is based on my own research and experience. I used this approach to regain my own fertility after the birth of my second child, with great success.


You might find it challenging to cut back on the time you spend in the gym, but doing so will help your body establish regularity. It’s understood that you want to continue being active while trying to become pregnant. The plan includes at least one sport or activity day per week, depending on where you are in your cycle, so you can continue the activities you enjoy while increasing your fertility.


Of course, not all women have the same cycle length, so repeat or skip days as needed. I recommend keeping a log of other markers such as energy levels, sex drive, and vaginal discharge to help you track where you are in your cycle.


Week Four: End of Luteal Phase

Week four marks the end of the luteal phase, the stage so many women associate with PMS symptoms. If you experience PMS symptoms during this week, feel free to modify the workouts to fit your own needs. The focus this week will be longer, moderate-intensity bouts of exercise and sports practice.


Monday (Day 22)

Rest day



Tuesday (Day 23)

45 minutes of cardio activity of your choice - running, rowing, swimming, or using cardio equipment at the gym. Keep a moderate pace.

Sport day – activity of your choice at moderate intensity.


Wednesday (Day 24)

3 mile hike, outside at a moderate intensity. Add running intervals if you feel up to it - 1 minute run, 25 seconds walk.


Thursday (Day 25)

Yoga Series 1:

All poses for five deep breaths unless otherwise noted:

  • Bound angle pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Child’s pose
  • Thread the needle
  • Child’s pose
  • Pigeon pose with bolster
  • Seated forward bend
  • Bridge pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Savasana – 10 minutes




Friday (Day 26)

Upper Body Workout


A. Press/Pull


Repeat this entire sequence five times:
1 one-arm kettlebell press, per side
1 pull up



2 presses per side
2 pull ups

3 presses per side
3 pull ups


4 presses per side
4 pull ups


5 presses per side
5 pull ups


The presses should be done with a weight you can press for 8 reps with moderate difficulty.
Feel free to modify pull ups as needed.
Rest as needed throughout the entire workout.


B. Farmer’s Walks – max distance, 3 rounds. Rest as needed.


Compare how you felt and performed during this workout to how you felt when you first performed it during week one of your cycle. What changes, if any, did you notice?


Saturday (Day 27)

Active rest day - walk for one hour today, but make it enjoyable and leisurely.


Sunday (Day 28)

Sport day – have fun playing your sport or activity of choice for one hour at moderate intensity.


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