Author: Delaine Ross

Delaine Ross got her Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in September 2006, where she won the form and technique challenge. Soon after, she began working at Iron Core, Inc., a small studio-style kettlebell gym in La Jolla, CA. There, she trained individual clients, and taught workshops and group classes. In 2007, Delaine opened Condition Kettlebell Gym in Atlanta, Georgia. Summer of 2007 was Delaine's first season as a fitness competitor, and she placed 4th overall in the Fitness America-Southern California show. In 2008, she competed at Fitness Universe, and in 2009 came in second in the Southeast's Fitness America-Dixie Show. Delaine got her RKC Level 2 certification in June of 2008, and in March 2010 was promoted to RKC Team Leader by chief instructor Pavel Tsatsouline. When Pavel created his own certification, StrongFirst, she accepted a Senior Instructor position. After successfully running her gym for eight years, Delaine refocused her attention on coaching workshops for trainers on how to properly execute and teach kettlebell movements to their own students, ensuring their safety while receiving the maximum benefits from their sessions. She also offers distance coaching programs and in-home/office training.

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