Author: Donnie Thompson

Donnie Thompson works for Progressive Sports Physical Therapy in West Columbia, South Carolina. He is the Strength and Mobility Director for the 22 clinics statewide. He insures the implementation of strength in the Physical Therapy programs as well. His protocol includes weights, kettlebells, Jumpstretch bands, and compression. Donnie can be viewed performing advanced PT techniques on YouTube at SuperDtv3000. At Donnie's gym, The Compound, he trains athletes using powerlifting techniques to get them ready for any sport they play. Donnie played football in the Arena Football League for six years. After his football career, he built and operated a commercial health club in the Columbia, South Carolina area that he sold and is still operating today. In 1998, Donnie started competitive powerlifting and has not turned back. He is the first human to ever total 3000lbs! Donnie has eight all-time world records in professional powerlifting, including three bench press records, two squat records and three total records. His 3000lb powerlifting total still stands today. Donnie started the South Carolina High School Powerlifting Association in 2012. Currently, Donnie is heading the International Powerlifting Association (IPA) to help powerlifting grow in the South and eventual feed national and world level IPA competitions. This year alone Donnie has two lifting inventions in the process of manufacturing, one which will be patented. Donnie travels to many universities and high schools throughout the country teaching and sharing his powerlifting, kettlebell training and mobility work methods and experiences to the football teams and coaches.

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