Author: James Dunne

James is a Sport Rehabilitation Therapist and Running Coach. He describes himself as being fascinated by movement patterns, and how they can be coached for both performance and injury rehabilitation. He has a particular passion for identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that cause overuse injuries or impair efficiency in endurance athletes. Holding a Honours Degree in Sport Rehabilitation, James has a special interest in the functional biomechanics of running. His areas of speciality include: Biomechanical Analysis, Gait Re-education and Exercise Based Rehab Coaching. James created Kinetic Revolution's popular Free 30 Day Challenge for Runners. He currently works with a varied group of athletes of all abilities, including distance runners, triathletes, and sprinters. Previously a professional rugby union player, over recent years James has also worked with international track athletes, Premiership footballers, and within professional rugby league. You can find James onTwitter,Facebook,YouTube, or his website.

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