Author: Jannine Myers

Jannine is an RRCA-certified women’s running coach, living in Okinawa, Japan. Originally from New Zealand, Jannine moved to Okinawa in 2000 to initially teach English, but later began to pursue her love of fitness and nutrition instead. She also decided to get serious about running, and has since competed in numerous road races and won several gender and age-group awards. In addition to her coaching obligations, Jannine also spends her time writing articles and blog posts for her own running blog, as well as other media organizations that have welcomed her as a guest contributor. Currently, Jannine is training for the Boston Marathon and is one of eight runners being profiled by NPR in a blogging project called Running Toward Boylston. Jannine is also a 2014 sponsored Hammer Nutrition athlete, and she is actively involved in a women’s trail running group called WOOT – Women On Okinawa Trails. Jannine’s goal as a women’s running coach, is to help her clients set and achieve realistic goals, while also inspiring them to be the best they can be, not just as runners, but as women who desire to live full and healthy lives.

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