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Jeff Martone has been working with kettlebells since before they even existed in the United States. In fact, he made his first kettlebell himself using his blacksmithing skills. A lifelong athlete and military instructor, Jeff found kettlebells were the only successful tool in rehabbing his shoulder, knee, and back injuries. Despite being in his forties, he feels stronger than he did in his twenties. Jeff has amassed a wide array of certifications over the last twenty years, from the first RKC certification, to multiple martial arts black belts, to numerous military and law enforcement credentials. Jeff is on staff at the U.S. Department of Energy National Training Center, teaches CrossFit kettlebell certifications, and runs a website, To learn more about Jeff, read our feature interview: Featured Coach: Jeff Martone, Part 1 – Saved By The Kettlebell Featured Coach: Jeff Martone, Part 2 – Great Coaches Are Great People

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