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Tahlia Seinor has over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry, with her main passion being structural rehabilitation. When injury suddenly ended her professional career as a dancer she endeavoured to learn everything about the body and its capabilities. She began with a STOTT Pilates accreditation whilst studying her Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports and Exercise. Throughout her 6 years of study she also dabbled in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutrition and majored in Sports Rehabilitation, allowing her to register as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. From a coaching perspective, Tahlia is able to improve a client’s quality of life through a reduction in pain and an increase in movement from the general population to high level athletes. In her studies she was also exposed to many forms of strength and conditioning practices, completing her Level 1 ASCA and undertaking work placement with the NSW Institute of Sport. She also spent a short stint with the Waratahs Rugby Union team. Tahlia loves to push boundaries and lives by the motto “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”. After a pre-season in the LGL (Ladies Gridiron League) with the Sydney Sirens, she moved on to a larger feat: cycling the Italian Alps. Tahlia also pushes her clients through their physical boundaries, training them through all facets of health and fitness, while incorporating a holistic overview of lifestyle management. A year in Perth at the renowned Shredded Strength Institute broadened her knowledge of functional strength training and introduced her to the methods of Charles Poliquin. She then moved on to work with Clean Health in Sydney and achieved her BioPrint certification. In Perth, Tahlia found her love for writing and appeared as a guest contributor for Evoke magazine in 2013. Her blog is full of all things health and fitness and touches on everything that happens in the life of a personal trainer. Working out of Fitness First Maroubra, she has a heavy online client base from NRL Rugby League players to World BMX Champions. Her training is heavily strength based, building a solid foundation and correcting any structural imbalances to set her clients on any path they wish from fat loss to building muscle and everything in between.

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