Author: Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is co-author of Original Strength: Regaining the Body You Were Meant To Have and Original Strength Performance: Becoming the Superhero You Were Meant to Be. He is also the co-founder of Original Strength Systems, LLC. Tim has been a personal trainer for sixteen years.He alsoserved as a professional firefighter for twelve years in the state of North Carolina where he worked in his department's health and fitness work-team. In 2010, Tim resigned from the fire department to focus on his career in the fitness industry. Since that time, he has authored five books. Tim has had the fortune and honor of being mentored and befriended by some of the top leaders in the fitness industry. Leaders like John Brookfield, the creator of Battling Ropes, and Dan John, author of Never Let Go, have been very influential in Tim's fitness career. Tim is passionate about helping others learn how to move. The mission of his company Original Strength is "to set people free through movement." To learn more about Tim, or how you can regain your original strength, check out website Original Strength.

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