Author: Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker grew up both in South America and in the Northeast United States. Moving back and forth while growing up playing sports, he noticed he couldn’t keep up with his competition upon coming back – athletes in the U.S. were bigger, faster, and stronger. This initial experience led him to investigate ways to train the human body efficiently, whether the goal was general physical preparedness or an athlete with a dedicated sport. Optimizing training, nutrition, and recovery became Tommy’s focus. In turn, he experimented with many types of each on himself, as well as prescribing them to his clients. Tommy has mentored and worked under the best coaches in all disciplines of strength and conditioning and blends his program according to the individual. Tommy currently operates SISU Elite Fitness, a training facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut, offering private training, youth athletics, group training, and lifestyle and nutrition design. To find out more about his project, visit his website.

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