Author: Tommy Wood

Until he left school at 18, Tommy’s idea of a healthy and active lifestyle involved repeatedly lifting the remote control, and occasionally stopping short of finishing the entire pack of cookies. Since then, he has completed a degree in biochemistry at Cambridge University, and studied medicine at Oxford University. After taking up rowing as an undergraduate student, Tommy went on to become head coach of the medical school boat club, programmed fitness training for numerous sports teams, and taught kettlebell and circuit training classes. He has also competed in powerlifting, CrossFit, marathon running, and 24-hour endurance races. Tommy is the Chief Scientific Officer for the Physicians and Ancestral Health Society, and has lectured at multiple international conferences on the effect of diet and nutrition on health and chronic disease. He is currently doing a PhD in neonatal brain metabolism, but continues to work as a lifestyle, and strength and conditioning coach in his spare time. He runs the websiteDr. Ragnar, and theEat Better podcast.

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