Breaking Muscle Video: Bob Takano – Snatch Extensions and Snatch High Pulls

Do you know the difference between a snatch extension and a snatch high pull? This week Bob Takano describes both movements, with video demonstration.

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Some of you may be confused about the difference between snatch extensions and snatch high pulls. I’ve therefore posted videos of the two exercises to eliminate some of the confusion. Both exercises are incomplete, explosive movements and should be included later in the exercise sequence for a given training session. Both are excellent for adding more explosive pulling motion of the legs, hips and traps after actual snatching has taken place. They should rarely be used with intensities less than 80%.

Snatch extensions (demonstrated in the video above) do not involve bending the arms. They place more emphasis on the hips and legs and should be employed for those that have a tendency to “arm pull” too soon.

Snatch High Pulls (demonstrated in the video below) place more emphasis on the trap contraction and arm pull, and should be implemented in training once the snatch extension has been mastered.