Breaking Muscle Video: Bob Takano – The Dirty Bop

Check out this short video of a new lifter snatching with 104 kg. If you watch carefully, you’ll see his mistake – which Bob Takano calls “the dirty bop.”

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This is a short video of one of my lifters, Charles Chattong, snatching a PR in training with 104 kg. He nearly misses the lift because he is jumping forward under the weight. If you are the coach and you watch the video you should be able to see why this happened. So watch this in real time and see if you can pick out the error. As a coach you will need to be able to see these events and respond immediately with a correcting cue.

If you were observant you saw the hips going up too fast. This moved the pressure on the feet back too far on the heels, resulting in a leg extension that wasn’t driving the hips upward enough. Subsequently, the hips just moved forward and carried the whole body forward causing a forward jump that nearly resulted in a missed lift. By the way, I call this the dirty bop.