Build Accuracy and Power With Precision Jumps (Video)

Have you ever wanted to learn parkour? Let Al show you the best way to leap into this athletic practice with precision jumping!

Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, Al delves into a foundational parkour movement – the precision jump.

If you want to conquer all obstacles and traverse all landscapes, you need to be able to jump and land on the most difficult surfaces. To perform a precision jump, aim for a target about four to six feet away, based on how far you can jump, and try to land within that area. Al practices the precision jump by aiming for a bench.

  1. To measure the distance from the bench, walk backwards for a number of steps, placing your feet heel to toe.
  2. Use your arms and hips to bound forward powerfully.
  3. Land as softly as possible in a comfortable squat stance, with your chest tall.
  4. As you progress, increase the distance from which you jump.

When it's time to move to a more advanced variation, try to jump onto a rail. This requires more balance and skill, so it's best to move closer to the rail and focus on sticking the landing. Precision jumping will help you well in your quest to move better and more gracefully.