athlete journals

After resting and recovering with a deload, I headed back to the gym to tackle the daily training max.
Even though my mind and body were working against me this week, I forced myself to get some hard training.
Last weekend I competed at the Masters World Championships. Here's some footage of how it all went.
Thirteen weeks of training hard came to an end this week. I'm happy with the progress I've made and ready to compete.
It's easy to get caught up in the desire to make gains and forget about rest.
Last weekend, after some anxiety and a challenging belt promotion test, I am proud to say I received my purple belt.
These three principles have helped me stay on the mats and be successful in tournaments this year.
Traveling across the world has its ups and downs, and my recent trip to Copenhagen was no exception.
Having a day to blow off some steam and do things you don't always do in the gym can have profound effects on your training and performance. Try it.
It's midterm time at school, so of course all of my teachers decided they needed to give us one last test or quiz. Training is keeping me sane through it all.
This week I set a bench press record for 2014. I've also shared my ideas for scheduling your workouts.
My BJJ training schedule has undergone some changes and I am already beginning to reap the benefits.
After a few days of struggling to make it up the stairs, I figured it was time to make some revisions to my training plan.
I competed in the IBJJF No-Gi Pan Am tournament on Saturday, and I ended up falling short. But I still learned from it.
After thirty years in the fitness industry, I'm amazed at how many of the same mistakes I still see. Here are three to avoid.
Recovering from an injury is already challenging enough, but when you toss in all the psychological games our minds trip us out with, it’s that much worse.
I got less training time in this week, but due to good prioritization, it wasn't any lower quality.