athletic performance

The first gold medal winner for the Philippines gets a new house and $660,000 as well as the gratitude of a nation that has been waiting for this moment since 1924.
There is a growing body of research on sleep extension and the potential implications on athletic performance.
How to differentiate between building muscle for looks and building muscle for function.
Working way too hard is as detrimental as not working hard enough.
Cadence is the number of steps a person takes per minute, so make sure your cadence is working for you.
Does the way your brain gathers information and what it does with it have an effect on your training, performance or recovery?
Strength training and conditioning for athletes is not the same as that for the average Joe. They're in a class of their own.
When it comes to fatigue during exercise, it’s all in your head.
Jumping is a very natural, simple, and massively effective means to train power.
This article isn't about whether you should or shouldn’t go vegan as an athlete. It's about doing the best with the choices you make, whatever your reasons.
If you can’t abide at the gym by participating with genuine heartfelt presence the way you would at church, then you should find someplace else to go.
A recent study showed how overweight people lost an average of five times more weight using Functional Imagery Training (FIT) compared with other therapies.
How can you learn skills on your own confidently, without risk of injury?
Fizzler or 1%er? Competition is a good way to learn more about yourself and to decide if you need to do something about your attitude.
Many athletes realize that Olympic-style weightlifting is not just weightlifting
I've got a really good drug to boost your performance, and it's free.
Every workout should be part of a quality program of movements. That has to include the intelligent use of progressions and regressions to help you achieve your desired goals.