blood pressure

Isometric resistance training (IRT) is easily accessible and may be a very useful, low cost intervention for sufferers of high blood pressure.
There is a growing body of research on sleep extension and the potential implications on athletic performance.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to exercise.
This is the first study to show low-carb diets can improve blood flow in as little as four weeks.
A heart attack may be inevitable for some people, but researchers found that those who exercise had a better shot at surviving.
You don't have to be small and trim to reap the benefits of exercise. Exercise can decrease your cardiovascular risk even if you're in a higher-BMI category.
Your children's brain, muscles, bones, joints, coordination, and hormones will suffer from a lack of physical activity, but also their risk of cardiovascular health problems as an adult will increase.
A low-sodium diet may be downright dangerous.
The more you take steps to prevent cardiovascular health problems now, the lower your risk later in life.
By moving around, you can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and depression.
Many mental health disorders have been found to be associated with abnormalities in heart function and blood pressure.
High blood pressure has little to do with salt intake but everything to do with our lifestyle choices.
You know salt affects blood pressure, but what about dairy products? A new study asked how dairy impacts hypertension.
Salt has been given a bad rap, but I often get cravings for it after a workout. I decided to take a deeper look into the research on salt to find out if it really is such a bad thing to be eating.
Preeclampsia has been coined "the disease of theories." New research shows that the benefits of exercise for prevention of preeclampsia is more than just a theory.