blood sugar

Start everything in your life the proper way, or don’t start at all.
One could wonder who is more of a pariah: the health nut, or the smoker?
By focusing our efforts, just as we did in the battle against cigarettes, we’ll be able to clarify directives and wither away the biggest problem.
The ketogenic diet is superior for keeping body fat levels low and does still enable you to build muscle, just at a slower rate.
After just a two-week training period, the glucose uptake in thigh muscles returned to a normal level.
Carbohydrates have gotten a pretty bad reputation in the last few years...all but eliminating carbs...Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator himself, made post-workout carb consumption...
Eating fewer carbohydrates and more fat has a wide range of long-term health benefits.
If everyone took steps to fight obesity by eating, drinking, exercising, and living right, the number of preventable deaths would drop significantly.
Save your health and skip the sugar.
Consumption of sugar has long been condemned, however the alternatives of “calorie-free” natural and artificial sweeteners, have also been a major source of concern.
If you missed some of the 2016 scientific findings in the health and fitness arena, here's a recap.
Detour bars make an excellent lower calorie snack, especially when traveling or when regular meals aren’t available.
If you have less than stellar genetics then take that as a challenge, move forward, and meet it head-on.
Excessive sugar intake can cause health problems ranging from diabetes to obesity to higher risk of cancer.
For those who want to be healthy, it's wise to eliminate soda from the diet completely.
Are reduced or zero-calorie sodas a boon or bane to your weight loss goals?
Energy drink consumption is risky for adolescents and you need to know why.