We've all seen those funny images of guys and girls with huge upper bodies and scrawny legs, and we all know that skipping leg day can lead to serious musculature imbalances. But did you know...
Preventing Alzheimer's may be as simple as improving eating habits and being more active.
Your children are at a much greater risk of obesity now more than ever.
By moving around, you can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and depression.
Maybe Santa is jolly, and a little corpulent, but research seems to indicate that big people are not happier.
Lean and fat mass change together, making the whole process more complicated.
BMI is one indicator of obesity, but other markers also need to be taken into account.
Breaking Muscle has a new PR Tracker app for iOS and Android.
Forget holding your breath under water and toss those old calipers. The new standard for measuring body composition is the DEXA scan. Find out what it is and how to get one.
Abdominal exercises are all the rage today promising to melt away fat, remove love handles, and give you 6 pack abs.
Finding an exercise program that is fun and effective, while also gentle on joints and musculature in an aging body can be as simple as stepping into a pool.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used to assess body fat for many years. The BMI is number calculated using weight and height.